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Pat Shurmur

Pat Shurmur

The quarterback whisperer could be coming to the New York Giants. He seems headed in that direction, barring any bumps in the road or major detours.

The Giants’ coaching search has put the spotlight on Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. Yes, the same Pat Shurmur who was the Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator when Nick Foles threw 27 touchdown passes and two interceptions in 2013. The same coach who helped Sam Bradford have a career year last season and Case Keenum enjoy the same this season.

This would seem to bode well for whomever the Giants’ quarterbacks are next season and beyond, whether it be Eli Manning, Davis Webb, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold — and let’s not count out Keenum — or anyone else that might enter the picture. Shurmur was trained and raised in the NFL by Andy Reid, who himself is pretty good at mentoring quarterbacks. Shurmur worked under Chip Kelly, who seems to know a thing or two about that, as well.

Shurmur has put it all together to become a well-respected offensive mind. His résumé pops because of his quarterback expertise.

What might that mean for the Giants if he lands with New York?

Eli Manning

Shurmur runs an offense that employs plenty of West Coast concepts. This would make the transition relatively smooth if the Giants and Shurmur elected to bring back Manning for at least one more season, which appears likely, as long as Manning is willing. And maybe Shurmur could get the most out of Manning. Manning hasn’t played particularly well the past two seasons, but maybe Shurmur could design an offense that gets the ball in the New York playmakers’ hands quickly. It’s not as if the Giants lack playmakers, with Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram leading the way. For Manning, this potential hire is a positive; it probably would increase his chances of remaining with the only team he has played with for at least another season.

The No. 2 pick

There is a strong chance the Giants will select a quarterback with the second-overall pick in this year’s NFL draft. Darnold and Rosen are considered top prospects, and this kind of opportunity doesn’t come around often. The Giants hope they won’t be drafting this high again next year; if they do, it wouldn’t bode well for Shurmur. When Shurmur was the head coach in Cleveland, the team did select a quarterback in the first round: The Browns took Brandon Weeden with the 22nd pick in 2012. That didn’t work out well. But this time around, Shurmur’s team would have a much higher pick and a chance to find a franchise quarterback. One can see Shurmur looking for something akin to a Doug Pederson-Carson Wentz situation in New York.

Davis Webb

Let’s not forget the Giants already have a young quarterback with a big arm and top-notch work ethic on their roster. Webb was last year’s third-round draft pick, and he is 22 years old. There is something there for Shurmur to work with and mold into a quality NFL starter. Webb might be the biggest beneficiary of all if Shurmur does make it to the Giants. Webb is bound to become a better player quickly while working with the quarterback whisperer.

Case Keenum

Hey, Keenum is set to become a free agent at the end of this season. Who knows how that plays out, even if the Vikings reach the Super Bowl. It already has been reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Keenum could join Shurmur in a move if it is with a QB-needy team. The Giants could fall into that category if Manning sees the writing on the wall and decides not to return; it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.


Teddy Bridgewater? Bradford? Geno Smith? Who knows how this offseason will work out with GM Dave Gettleman, now in charge of personnel decisions for the Giants. But any quarterbacks who eventually land with the Giants would appear to be in good hands if Shurmur is there to work with them.

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Eli Manning

Eli Manning

If this is truly Eli Manning’s Last Stand with the New York Football Giants, there is no doubt that the Eagles and their fans will be happy to see him go.

But on a day when he threw for 434 yards, three touchdowns and an interception, when he scared the heck out of the Eagles and came within the longest 11 yards of one of the more improbable comebacks of his Hall of Fame career, Manning, a 34-29 loser, made this compelling 11th-hour case for the next general manager and head coach to want him back next season every bit as much as John Mara wants him back.

On a day when Manning denied hearing a thundering chant of “Dee-Fense, Dee-Fense, Dee-Fense” before a second-and-19 early in the fourth quarter — while he was commanding his huddle instead of standing on the Giants sidelines.

So this was LincolnFinancialLife Stadium as much as it was MetLife Stadium.

But still Manning, lifting his battered and bloodied team in a way that he has been unable to lift it all season, was 11 yards away from overcoming ghastly special-teams follies and the customary defensive ineptitude and simultaneously killing two birds with one stone by putting the Eagles’ designs on the No. 1 seed in the NFC in peril.

Manning, fourth-and-goal, had been only 6 yards away from shutting up these Eagles fans until a false start on right tackle Bobby Hart pushed him back.

“I don’t blame Bobby … [center] Brett Jones couldn’t hear me call the cadence,” Manning said. “I guess when you only win two games, you got a lot of Eagles fans and they were loud, and we couldn’t hear the cadence, that’s why we jumped offside.”

Manning tried a back-shoulder throw to Evan Engram, no interference call in the back of the end zone against Corey Graham.

I asked Manning if it bothered him that all these Eagles fans were making all that noise.

“Well, it bothers me in the sense where I don’t blame our fans, it bothers me in the sense that that’s the way that this season’s turned out. … We didn’t do our part. … You’re playing late in the year, and you’re not playing for a spot in the playoffs … so it bothers me from that sense,” Manning said.

It was the ninth 400-plus-yard game of his career. It was his 10th 300-yard-plus game against the Eagles. He has thrown more TD passes (51) versus the Eagles than any other team.

“I think we had a good plan to get the ball out quickly, and guys did a good job of getting open,” Manning said.

Namely Sterling Shepard (11 rec., 139 yards, 1 TD) and Evan Engram (8, 87) and Tavarres King (2, 70, 2 TDs). Manning threw them open with slants and slant-and-go’s and yards after catch did the rest.

“He was just laser-focused, just locked in,” Engram said. “That’s the 10 we know, that’s the 10 I’ve watched for so many years and it was definitely a great battle. It was great to be out with him today and battle.”

Manning was asked about John Mara stating that he would want Manning back in 2018.

“Hey, I want to be back next year as well,” Manning said. “I love playing for the New York Giants, I love this organization, appreciate everything they’ve done for me, and I try to give back everything that I have to this organization and to this team. I hope to be back as well.”

Mara has his fingers crossed that the next GM — Dave Gettleman interviews first — will build a wall in front of Manning. It is just one game, but it is one game when Manning threw for 434 yards with no Odell Beckham Jr. There were several inaccurate throws, there always are with him, and a near second interception, but that arm didn’t look weeks short of 37 years old.

“A lot of up-tempo, playing fast, gives us a great opportunity to be successful,” Manning said.

“Still feel like I can play at a high level, make plays and make throws and win football games.”

So we can now shut the door on Davis Webb. When interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo was asked if Manning would be the starter in Arizona, he said: “That’s a pretty good assessment.”

You either completely blow it up by drafting a quarterback, or you build the roster up around Manning as long as Webb is viewed as the heir apparent.

“He’s one of the best in my eyes to ever play this game,” Shepard told The Post, “so why not have him back?”

One vote here for Eli Manning in 2018.

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New York Giants

New York Giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo held a “long, hard, honest meeting” on Wednesday with his players on their first day back to work this week. During the meeting, he put some plays on the screen from Sunday’s 31-21 loss at the San Francisco 49ers that McAdoo described as an inconsistent desire to finish.

It was a vastly different meeting than the Giants are used to when they arrive to work on Wednesday mornings. This one was more to the point and critical.

“Message to them in the meeting was we had some open conversations, some hard talks, some plain talks, some simple talk, played some film and were brutally honest with each other,” McAdoo said. “We’ll see how the players respond. They had a nice day of practice [Wednesday]. We also talked about the great opportunity in front of us.”

The Giants (1-8) have seven games remaining, beginning with a difficult matchup on Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Giants are 10.5-point underdogs at home.

They’re hoping the meeting correlates to a better product. They’ve conceded that what was put on the field over the past few weeks was embarrassing.

Still, it took until Week 11 for this kind of meeting to happen. It might have been too late, with this season long dead.

The Giants are in last place in the NFC East and have allowed 82 points in the past two games combined.

“Yeah, definitely,” cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said about the meeting possibly occurring too late.

“I think it would’ve put guys at a different attention on alert back then, because nobody wants to be called out,” he later added. “I don’t care what you say. Nobody wants to have that play up there where you have to come back in the locker room and everybody is looking at you like you’re that guy.

“I think it could’ve helped if it were done earlier or not, but at least it got done.”

The meeting occurred after the Giants were blown out by the previously winless 49ers. Cornerback Janoris Jenkins appeared to be one of the biggest offenders with his effort on several tackles.

But Jenkins was not alone. McAdoo explained in his Monday conference call that he didn’t see a consistent desire to finish throughout the game. He provided that same explanation when asked specifically about Jenkins, who was unavailable for comment on Wednesday as the Giants began preparations for the Chiefs.

McAdoo said there is a “possibility there were to be some changes” this week as a result. He did not provide any specifics.

It was clear that the players’ efforts were a point of contention at Wednesday’s meeting.

“At some points [efforts were questioned],” linebacker Devon Kennard said. “Just guys could have given more effort.”

The players saw it on tape. They didn’t reject the notion that it was insufficient.

“The only thing I can say is disappointing is the lack of want-to after all we’ve been through,” Rodgers-Cromartie said. “I’ll take a lost play flying around. But how we’re losing …”

The Giants have lost each of their past three games by double digits. They’ve allowed 14 plays of over 20 yards in the past two weeks.

The meeting was McAdoo’s last-ditch effort to get his team back on the same page after a pair of recent suspensions and blowout losses have its season seemingly off the rails.

“It was just an opportunity for everybody to see what was going on, from both sides of the ball,” Kennard said. “We got to see some of the offensive plays and hear Coach McAdoo coach some guys up on the offensive side and the defensive side, and I think it’s just a good way for everybody to be held accountable for what’s going on, on and off the field.”